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Nice to go for a ride

Its nice to do small trips now and then so you don't get bored. Small things in during the week it really something that make you feel more alive and thats a good way of getting new energi. So I really recommend everyone to look up " Stockholm boat tours " that is really something that everyone that is visiting stockholm should do. 

So beautiful 

Yes it is really so beautiful to see Stockholm from the water and you get to see so much more if you go on a boat.
So thats a good tip for everyone that feel they want ...

What are we going to do this weekend?

I wonder if we do have ice hockey this weekend. I have to look it up on the internet. The schedule changes so often that you never know what is going on for this weekend until it is really weekend. Sometimes it can be very useful if you know exactly what plans can be made for the weekend. I know my husband will be gone all Saturday. The boat has to go on shore and this is a very heavy job he loves to do on his own. Of course we will give him a visit during the day but ...

Go to France

I do believe that France is a beautiful country with a really nice atmosphere. Have you ever been there? I think that you should go because of the nice areas and the nice views. Have you ever though of going to Spain and to Italy too? These tree cultures has something in common and that is the real latin south-european or Mediterranean cloture that is so nice and warm. You also have Greece that gives you a nice archipelago that leaves none marked. I do believe that one also should try to do their best before going to a